Hey gang, Michael Mann here and we were just talking about something in my office. We were just talking about the fact that most loan officers don’t have a follow up plan for the realtors that they’re meeting. So what happens, right? So you’re making a phone call you’re setting an appointment, you have an appointment with a real estate agent and then you got to follow up.

Does it ever happen to you that they don’t ever call you back? Ever happen to you that they kind of disappear and go into the witness protection program as we call it here. So the system that we’ve been using with really great success, it’s called our 60 day follow up plan. What it does is it consists of 17 steps that you implement immediately right after the meeting. So once you have the meeting, once you set your agreements, not expectations, come back to the office.

And we launched the 60 day follow up program to make sure that they don’t forget about us. Right now what I’d love to do is share with you my exact 60 day follow up program with 17 steps to keep you top of mind, to convert more of the realtors that you’re meeting with into referral partners. That’s the way for you to convert and establish more relationships with the realtor partners that you’re meeting with. So hey if this is something you think would be helpful in your business and you want to convert more of your meetings into actual partnerships, then click the download below. You can have our 60 day followup program, our 17 step system, absolutely free. Just go ahead and check it out. Hey and thanks for your interest. So click the link below to join the tribe. We’d love to see you on the inside.

This is Michael Mann providing massive value and maximum impact for the loan officer experience.

Keep the 60 Day Follow Up with you!

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