This is a follow up to our original conversation with Amy which we recorded and distributed in March 2020 with the results of her first year (2019) as a Loan Originator where she went from absolute ZERO to over $13 million in production.  You’re probably asking yourself 2 questions…HOW DID SHE DO IT? and, WHERE IS SHE NOW in her second year??
Amazing news in this update is that Amy continued to employ the simple steps (simple, not always easy!) on a consistent basis and has RE-DOUBLED her production!  For the calendar year 2020 (which isn’t over yet), she has closed 139 units for over $26 Million!  ON TOP OF THAT, 119 of those units (86%) are Realtor referred PURCHASE deals.  That’s over $26 Million in Production, 86% of which is realtor referred purchase business in HER SECOND YEAR as an LO.
What did she do differently?  Nothing…she just continued to do the things outlined in this video.
Simple…right?  Simple isn’t always easy, and, Amy is very good at what she does.  But anybody can employ these strategies and develop a purchase first realtor referral business that can grow exponentially…it is really this simple.
As I was writing this I called Amy to congratulate her on her success and told her to take it easy today and tomorrow as we’re expecting over a foot of snow here in PA.  Amy’s response: “Yeah, of course I’ll take some time for myself, but, tomorrow is going to be a great day to call people…they’ll all be home.  I’m going to kill my sales calls this week!”
Amazing.  If you need to know more about how to build a business rather than work “in” a business, check out Michael’s book “The 9 Figure Blue Print” for absolutely no cost, just pay shipping and handling…in addition you will be invited to participate in some of our other offers absolutely risk free…

We want you to experience success like Amy.  It’s just so much fun!

Check out the original post below and video above to find out exactly “how” she did it…
Do you have an on-boarding process for your new Realtor relationships?
Most LO’s Don’t…and even when they have a great meeting or an “expectation” that they’re going to work with someone and get referrals, the agent all of a sudden goes into the witness protection program…never to be heard from again.
We have a solution to that problem.  The solution is a rock solid on-boarding process and follow up plan…a plan that took Amy from $0 to $13 Million in production in her first year as an LO.
We spoke with Amy and went through exactly what she did and how she did it in this special presentation.

This is Michael Mann providing massive value and maximum impact for the loan officer experience.

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