Have you ever wondered why Real Estate Agents turn down most Loan Officers… I mean really… why do they say NO?

We got a unique opportunity with a Top Producing Realtor that turned me down 3 years ago, to hear exactly WHY Realtors turn down most LOs.  In this rare interview we discuss:

  • Why he said “no” and refused to work with me 3 years ago
  • What eventually changed his mind and MADE HIM CONTACT ME 3 YEARS LATER to ask if we could meet to discuss working together
  • The 3 biggest mistakes that LO’s make when contacting Agents
  • How the secret to creating a successful partnership depends on 3 variables that must be met
If you wonder why sometimes your appointments don’t result in deals, or why some agents go into witness protection after agreeing to send you leads, this is for you…


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  • What “Trigger Words” to say to Agents that you are meeting for the first time that get them to refer you right away
  • Why it works and why certain words will KILL your chances for referrals

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