In this episode of the Loan Officer Experience podcast, Michael gives amazing value surrounding lead generation with real estate agents. Loan officers: would you like to know what Michael is doing to get 20-30 agents in a room to provide massive overwhelming value?

In This Episode:

  • Most people who are interested in buying a home will do it within a year.
  • How can you harness that on Facebook?
  • How can you identify people likely to buy?
  • How do you reach out?
  • The campaigns that work, and the ones that don’t.
  • Do you have a good listing?

Important Quotes:

  • “Do they want information without obligation?”
  • “This is the new way to generate leads, and it’s not expensive.”
  • “All leads suck.”
  • “So what, let’s try it again.”
  • “There are no fake leads in this.”
  • “Why are you the only one going out and trying to generate business?”

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